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Colten blackwolf Willey, 22-03-2010 13:50:28, 59923 MT United States of America toggle
I am half wolf
I dream about wolves
They show me the way to the woods
Where Elk mouse C.b
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Sandy, 13-03-2010 19:04:07, NC/KY/WI United States of America toggle
thank you, from a rider...
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Turk, 07-02-2010 19:55:26, New England United States of America toggle
Its a great sight. We invite you to visit ours... www.101riders.com
Again, thanks, good stuff here.
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Jessica Larkin AKA CLARK, 10-01-2010 02:19:55, LYNNWOOD,WASHINGTON United States of America toggle
Hello Wolf Very well done site, My dad your brother Jesse James Clark had called me saying that your other brother chuck had called talking about your website and thought they thought I would be very interested in checking it out. Yes very impressed and very proud!
I see Wanye Chuck's son had signed your guestbook as well.
I will send you a private email.
excellent jobsmilie
Your niece Jessica Larkin AKA Clark
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Nikki, 14-12-2009 15:22:31, Ripon Unkown toggle
Thank you very much for the poem today.  What an amazing way to bring warmth to someone a cold grey winter day here in Wisconsin.  I have read through you page a bit and smile with your personal success in recovery.  Your extension of love and support you offer to each and every other person is a gift that should not go unnoticed.  Thank you sooo much for your thoughtfulness and gesture of love.  Its inspiring.  Many Blessings.
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nancy, 20-11-2009 04:05:07, usa United States of America toggle
hello everybody
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Brenda Bell, 27-10-2009 00:05:40, San Marcos,Texas United States of America toggle
Thank You for such a powerful site!You have shared so much of me.I am working on 11 MONTHS of Sobriety and I have been in and out of rehabs and relapsing that this was the time for "Change" ; and by the Grace of God working the 12 steps and being HONEST with SELF was my new beginning,and I am truely happy today.God Bless you wolf.
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Lisa, 16-10-2009 09:01:25, Virginia United States of America toggle
I love your site! I hardly ever sign guestbooks, but felt that I needed to here. The Wolf is my animal spirit guide and I've been in Recovery since 1989. So, I guess, I loved the combination on your site. Thanks for sharing, you, with us.
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Charles Wayne Clark, 05-10-2009 09:53:58, Shanghai China toggle
Wolf! This from your nephew Wayne. I haven't seen you in over 30 years, but from the picture that looks just like Uncle Jesse and having read your story I know it's you! Drop me an email!
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Breanna, 30-08-2009 13:19:15, san jose United States of America toggle
You have a very powerfull message. I visit your page whenever i'm feeling down. It gives me hope and peace during this crazy first 30days of sobriety. Thank You
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