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Gabe, 23-09-2012 19:12:37, tampa fl Unkown toggle
love all your prayers from the nations. We need these words in all our schools and in this nation as prayers and life itself. We have lost touch with our souls. Finding yourself, looking within, is the most impotant thing in life. I been reading a book call, The wind is my mother by bear heart.  It had help me in my life in many ways. The survival of our society depend on people who have a good connection with the spiritual nuture and spirtual in heart as the creator wanted it.
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Hammer, 04-10-2011 06:41:59, Darboy Unkown toggle
Hey Brother ! You have done well. I smilielike your site because it sends a message to others if they are open minded...
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Nikki, 14-12-2009 15:22:31, Ripon Unkown toggle
Thank you very much for the poem today.  What an amazing way to bring warmth to someone a cold grey winter day here in Wisconsin.  I have read through you page a bit and smile with your personal success in recovery.  Your extension of love and support you offer to each and every other person is a gift that should not go unnoticed.  Thank you sooo much for your thoughtfulness and gesture of love.  Its inspiring.  Many Blessings.
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