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Steven Pace, 11-05-2013 23:45:19, West Bend, WI United States of America toggle
I really enjoyed your poetry. Very well done!
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Gabe, 23-09-2012 19:12:37, tampa fl Unkown toggle
love all your prayers from the nations. We need these words in all our schools and in this nation as prayers and life itself. We have lost touch with our souls. Finding yourself, looking within, is the most impotant thing in life. I been reading a book call, The wind is my mother by bear heart.  It had help me in my life in many ways. The survival of our society depend on people who have a good connection with the spiritual nuture and spirtual in heart as the creator wanted it.
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Hammer, 04-10-2011 06:41:59, Darboy Unkown toggle
Hey Brother ! You have done well. I smilielike your site because it sends a message to others if they are open minded...
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Staci C., 22-02-2011 00:33:38, San Francisco United States of America toggle
I am sending you an email as well, figure that would be easier considering the details. Much love and respect. You are a gift. smilie
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Phillip Potter, 23-01-2011 15:30:17, California United States of America toggle
Thank you for your website!  I am currently working on getting HTML output from WUHU and saw your website link as an example.  Interestingly enough, I have Indian friends here in California and have gone to the Central Valley Powow's.  I have taught the history of the Central Valley including the native american indian history to fourth graders.  I am happy to find another Indian connection and a Ham, too!  73's N6OMM
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richard macphee, 11-08-2010 16:58:15, Houston, TX 77068 United States of America toggle
havent drank in years. saw all my cousins brothers and sisters mothers and dads drank. it was the indian way. but i didnt want to be a statistic, so i stop when i could. i am from the penobscot tribe in maine. now in texas. peace be with you,, ke5yyj rich
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Patrick Nordlund, 07-08-2010 18:17:26, Billings, MT United States of America toggle
Very interesting read and story,  I have been sober, by the Grace of God, since August 20, 1986.  Thanks for your posts
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Tim Clougher, 14-07-2010 07:57:18, Virginia United States of America toggle
I really enjoyed reading your testament, I have been clean and sober since (sobriety date) is 20 Feb 1981..After I retired from the US Air Force I started riding with a military veteran group did for 3yrs..I just left riding with a veteran club..I'm looking for sober people to ride with, normal people just aren't the same..smilie
If you would like to contact me, please feel free to..
SFFS (sober forever forever Sober)
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Gene, 26-04-2010 21:02:14, Kansas United States of America toggle
I love your site and your messages as I too work my spiritual journey.  It has been most helpful.  Thank you.
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Elaine, 10-04-2010 20:06:37, Canada toggle
You have a great website.  Thank you for sharing your story and your insights.  Migwetch
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